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As a type of vinyl fencing, PVC is an excellent choice for many homeowners because it is very low-maintenance and never needs to be painted or stained. And because of its versatility, PVC fencing can be used to satisfy a variety of fencing needs. Here is a look at just a few of the ways that you can use PVC fencing around your home or property

  • Good Neighbor: The traditional white picket fence can be the perfect addition to your home. Commonly called a “good neighbor fence,” these fences will add appeal and can help keep pets contained without compromising your view. There are different styles of picket fencing, from the traditional dogear to scalloped designs that add visual interest.
  • Privacy: For homeowners who value their privacy, solid and semi-solid vinyl fences are a good choice. These are generally taller, and offer a few different designs so you can enjoy some style as well as your privacy. Semi-private fences have a little bit of space between the slats, while solid fencing offers complete privacy. Shadowbox fencing offers plenty of privacy while adding high visual appeal. Be sure to explore your full range of options when searching for privacy vinyl fence.
  • Security: Security and privacy fencing can go hand-in-hand. A quality security fence is tall, solid, and can include locking gates to provide access when necessary. Generally, this type of vinyl fencing has less visual features in order to provide maximum security.
  • Livestock and Ranch Land: Rail fencing is ideal for farms and ranches. It can be used to contain livestock and delineate property lines without obstructing views. It can fit perfectly into any landowner’s property, and an added benefit of using vinyl fencing is that it will not sag or rot over time.

Paramount Fence carries a full line of quality vinyl fencing choices. From PVC and Western Red Cedar to chain link and ornamental fences, Paramount Fence has it all. Visit us online to explore our designs, or call us at 630-239-2714 today to learn more about fencing options.