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It’s not part of the citizenship test, but if you’ve grown up in America, you might associate the white picket fence with the American dream. You might not understand what a wooden fence has to do with our national identity if you’re part of a younger generation, but it all comes together when you learn about the history. Here’s why the white picket fence symbolizes the American dream.

Origins of the Picket Fence

A white picket fence is more for aesthetics than anything else. The pickets usually don’t stand too tall, and they’re often spread out enough that you can easily see through them. Despite how they are usually used for cosmetic purposes, they have been around for even longer than our country has. They started appearing during colonial times as a symbol of wealth and achievement, and they stayed even after the United States separated from Great Britain. Even though the picket fence already symbolized wealth and success, it was easy enough to make that families could create their own.

Rise in Popularity

As the United States started to take the shape that we recognize today, it became more important for landowners to mark off their property. Fence installation is still a simple, straightforward way to do this in modern times, and it’s always brought purpose and flair to different properties. All you needed was lumber and some white paint, and you had a way to mark your territory in a cosmetically pleasing way.

Symbol of America

We respect and value tradition and longevity in America, so the white picket fence has been sewn into the fabric of our identity. People still use white picket fences today, and often for some of the same reasons. However, people also recognize that this type of fence installation is a symbol of our origins and our heritage and use it for that reason.

If you want to feel like you’re living the American dream, call Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714. Our options aren’t limited to white picket fence installations in Chicagoland, and you can check out our website to learn about our ornamental fences.