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Most of the things you do to improve your home don’t require approval from other people. If you want to touch up the paint on your eaves, repaint your kitchen, or plant a garden in your back yard, that’s your personal business. For some projects, though, you need to be considerate of others. You’ll need to consider the rules of your neighborhood, for example, if you want to paint your home an unusual color. Installing a fence is one of those improvements that have an impact on your neighbors, but do you really need to run it by them before you put in your fence? Not necessarily, but there are some guidelines you should follow before erecting any barriers.

  • Some things are absolute “musts” when you’re putting in a fence. Common sense dictates that you have to make sure you know your property boundaries and HOA rules before you hire a company to put in your new fence. There are some things the fencing company will handle, like knowing local zoning regulations and obtaining permits. Knowing the rules of your neighborhood, though, is your responsibility.
  • It’s nice to share. Don’t surprise your neighbors with a fence, unless you’re looking for conflict. It’s smarter to talk to them about it ahead of time, making sure no property line disputes exist and letting them know what you’re planning.
  • Make sure things look nice. Put in a fence that’s sturdy and attractive, with the more finished side toward the street and your neighbor’s yard. As time passes, be sure to keep it clean and well-maintained.
  • Sometimes, the neighbors should be even more involved. In some states, neighbors are required to share the cost of installing a fence, as well as the responsibility for maintaining it. When you’re making your plans for a fence, that’s something you should look into by looking into local laws on fencing permits.

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