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You might be surprised to learn that chain link fences can also double as ornamental fences, just with a little more protection. Designing a chain link fence comes with a lot of choices, so speak with your fence installer soon.

Consider the Colors

Chain link fencing is a great fencing option because of the variety you have available when installing it. Your chain link can be made from galvanized steel or aluminized steel, which are both corrosion-preventative means of protecting the steel. Another form of protection is with a vinyl, color-coated chain link. With vinyl, you have the option of black, brown, and green color choices. You may have a color preference based on your surrounding landscape, house color, or additional fence colors.

Screen for Privacy

On top of providing great protection and needing minimal fence repairs, chain link fences can be altered to provide privacy. By installing a fence screen, you can have a secure metal fence surrounding your property and also maintain your privacy. Many fence screens come in a variety of colors and designs. Fence weave and hedge slats are other types of covers designed to offer privacy and decoration to your chain link fence. For commercial fences, there are reflective slats that can be inserted into a chain link. These slats might be in the shape of an arrow or design to communicate to someone at night by the light of a flashlight or car headlight.

Decorate with Plants

If you have always liked the look of hedges in your front yard or vines crawling up your fence, then chain link is the material for you. Due to the crisscrossing links, crawling plants have a greater chance of climbing the fence and offering added privacy for your property. Additionally, with proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about the plants damaging the galvanized or aluminized steel.

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