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One of the main reasons for fence installations is to protect your animals from the outside world. However, some dogs may not care for protection, and they try to get out. With these helpful tips, you can dog-proof your fence in no time.

Guard with Landscaping

A great way to dog-proof your fence and keep your property private is to plant landscaping around the fence. On the inside of the fence, plant large, dense shrubs that will make it harder for your dog to jump over the fence. This distance will also discourage your dog from going into patrol mode every time he hears a noise or sees someone pass by the fence. Make sure the shrubs are not climbable—some tiny or medium-sized dogs may be light enough to crawl up—and routinely check under the shrubs. Some crafty dogs may resort to burrowing under the plants to get to the chain-link fence.

Make Your Fence Taller

Depending on what type of fence installation you get, you will probably have an option to customize how tall the fence is. If you have a large dog who can jump great heights, then he will be better protected by a tall fence. If you are not able to install new, taller fencing, then consider installing add-ons specifically designed to stop animals from jumping a fence. You might prefer a roller, which is basically a bar that spins at the top of a fence. If your dog, or a dog from outside, tries to jump the fence, they will not be able to grip the spinning roller.

Protect from Beneath the Fence

In case you do not have a jumper, but a digger, then look for footer material. Commonly known as L-Footers or concrete footers, these metal fence or concrete blocks can prevent dogs from digging underneath the fence.

If you want a dog-proof fence near Chicagoland, then you know to call Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714. We can install a dog-proof fence, perform fence repairs, or provide additional fencing installations at your convenience .