Whether it is brown like the tree it is made from or painted white and picketed to look like an old-fashioned picture-book cottage, a wooden fence is a classic fence. Anyone who owns one of these classic wooden fences knows that they don’t retain their classic splendor entirely on their own, however. For tips on painting your wooden fence in a way that will help it keep its integrity and aesthetic appeal, watch this video demonstration.

After running through a list of the tools and materials required for painting a wood fence, a skilled painter walks the viewer through a step-by-step demonstration of how the task is carried out properly. Instructions are given for painting a wooden fence by hand or with a sprayer.

If your fence is aging and you decide upon inspection that it should be replaced rather than painted this season, get in touch with a fence sales professional. To speak with a representative from a Chicagoland fencing supply store that also offers installation and repair services, call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410.