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Putting in a fence is a big investment, so most homeowners try to keep their fences standing for as long as possible. With time, though, even the most well-maintained fence will need to be replaced. How can you tell if it’s time for a new fence?

  • Your fence has started leaning. As time passes, your fence will start to weaken and lean. This can make it vulnerable, especially in seasons of punishing wind and rain. You can adjust the fence posts to temporarily fix this, but it’s likely that the fence is already damaged to a point that requires replacement.
  • The signs of rot are visible. One of the first signs that your fence needs to be replaced is rot. Wood is very vulnerable to rot, and once decay begins, the fence can deteriorate quickly. Sometimes you can catch it quickly enough to replace a section of the fence, but it’s often spotted too late to reverse the damage.
  • When the wood changes color, it’s time to replace the fence. Especially if the wood hasn’t been properly preserved, wooden fencing can discolor because of sun, rust, or fading paint. You may be able to treat it for a temporary fix, but it is unlikely that you can restore it to its original state.
  • If some of the panels go missing, it’s best to replace the whole thing. There’s really no point to a fence that’s missing panels, because it no longer does what it’s meant to do, whether that’s keeping pets and children in, keeping people and animals out, or providing privacy or security. You can replace one panel, but the problem can reoccur if you don’t replace the whole fence.
  • Other visible signs of wear and tear mean it’s time to replace the fence. You can maintain it, repair it, and replace missing parts, but the wear and tear of everyday life eventually runs down your fence. Eventually, the maintenance costs will build up and be more expensive than replacement, so if you’re doing frequent repairs, it’s time to consider replacing the fence.
  • Sometimes you simply no longer like the fence. If it doesn’t fit with the aesthetics of your home and garden, it’s perfectly fine to decide to replace the fence. Your fence doesn’t have to be in disrepair to be replaced, you can switch it out just to update the look of your

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