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Fence installation during the winter isn’t easy, but it is possible. The trick is to hire a professional with the right tools to handle the job for you. Here is a look at what you need to know about installing fences during the winter.

Why Consider Installing a Fence During the Winter?

Although winter is not typically a season for being outdoors, a fence can still have practical purposes. If your existing fence is damaged, you may want to install a new fence as soon as possible. Sometimes, homeowners who relocate during the winter months don’t want to wait until spring to start on improving their outdoor space. In other cases, people trying to sell their homes believe that fence installation will boost their house’s curb appeal and bring in potential buyers. In many instances, waiting for warmer weather is simply not an option.

How Are Fences Installed During Winter?

The degree of difficulty of fence installation during winter comes down to how cold the temperatures are. Fence posts must be installed to a certain depth to be sturdy, and if the ground is frozen, this requires special tools. Typically, it is necessary to use a jackhammer to get through frozen ground and create a hole that is big and deep enough for fence installation. Additionally, there is a risk of the concrete used to secure the posts freezing before the installation can be completed. Your fence installation company will mix an additive into the concrete to prevent this from happening. For these reasons, winter fence installation is a job for the professionals.

Is It Ever Impossible to Install Fences During Winter?

In some cases, the ground may simply become too frozen to dig deep enough and adequately secure the fence. The ground must also be as dry as possible, so snow and slush could make it difficult to install fencing.

At Paramount Fence, we’re up to the task of wintertime fence installation in Chicagoland. Don’t put your installation on the back burner until spring. Call us today at 630-239-2714 to talk to one of our professionals about your fencing options .