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snow lawn

Do you need a snow fence? If you live in an area with heavy snow, it’s an idea worth considering. A snow fence provides a barrier against the wind, keeping snow from piling up in your driveway or walkway and making more work for you. You can even use a snow fence to direct the snow where you want it to be so that when it melts in the spring it irrigates your garden.

  • What are the distinguishing characteristics of a snow fence? A snow fence can actually be just about any kind of fence, as long as it blocks the wind and causes the snow to pile away from the area you’re trying to protect. It could be a plastic fence, a slat wood fence, or even a line of bushes or trees. The fence itself is not as important as the purpose it serves.
  • A snow fence works by redirecting snow. It doesn’t need to completely stop snow from coming onto a property, just guide the snow to pile up in a certain place. By directing the snow to pile up where you want it, you can greatly reduce the amount of shoveling or plowing that needs to be done.
  • Where is a snow fence placed? A snow fence should be placed upwind of the area that needs to be kept clear. It’s important that you give some serious thought to where you’re placing the snow fence because if you place it incorrectly, it won’t do its job properly. It should be a good distance away from the road, but the exact distance varies due to local codes and regulations. There should be at least five inches clear beneath a snow fence because if a snow fence is directly on the ground it’s likely to become buried.
  • A snow fence must be put up and taken back down each year. It goes up in late fall and comes back down in the spring. You can do this work yourself, driving down the fence posts and attaching the fence to them with zip ties, but why? It’s easier to call in a professional to help.

If you’re ready to put up a snow fence, call Paramount Fence for professional installation. At Paramount, we’ve been in business for over ten years, but our combined experience in the fence industry spans more than half a century! We’re a full-service fence sales and fence installation business in the Chicagoland area, and we’re dedicated to providing creative and affordable solutions that address our clients’ needs and fulfill their requests. Our staff offers exceptional customer service, striving to exceed your expectations throughout the fence buying and fence installation process. We provide high-quality, beautiful fences, and our reputation for excellence is well-established. Paramount Fence is a member of the American Fence Association and a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information on how we can help you find the right fence to meet your needs, call us at 630-239-2714 or contact us through our website.