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During the colder months, the weather can include rain, sleet, ice, wind, and snow.  All of these weather conditions can be difficult for a person to deal with, and they can be hard on your home as well. Winter can be especially hard on fences, so it’s important to understand how the winter weather can affect your fence, and how to mitigate the effects so that your fence survives intact.

No matter what type of fence you have, winter weather can do a lot of damage. Here are some things you can do to lessen the impact of winter on your fence.

Wooden fence gate covered in white snowTrim Branches

Winter storms bring heavy snow and ice, and these can cling to tree branches, weighing them down. When the weight becomes too great, the branches or limbs can break off and fall on your fence.  Trimming the branches and taking notice of any limbs or branches that look weak will help to protect your fence.

Sometimes, the branches or limbs that may be a threat to your fence are actually from a neighbor’s tree. Depending on the laws where you live, trimming these could be the responsibility of either of you. Make sure you check that before you start trimming and consult with your neighbor before making the first cut.

Keep the Snow Away

When snow arrives, we start shoveling and moving it around. It may be easy to simply toss the snow aside but be careful you’re not throwing it in the direction of your fence. You should NEVER pile snow against your fence, especially when the snow is heavy and wet. The weight of that snow can cause your fence to crack, bend, or fall over. If there’s already snow against your fence, the next storm may bring snow drifts to add, and the combination of snow drifts and wind may very well do extensive damage to your fence.

If you have a fence lining your driveway, parking area, or sidewalk, make sure you move the snow away from the fence. If you hire a kid in the neighborhood to shovel your drive, or if you have a plow service, ask them to take care in this regard.

Watch Out for Shifting Soil

Wide swings in winter temperatures can actually move the soil in your yard, and since your fence posts are in the ground, that can cause trouble for your fence. If your fence posts are buried deep enough in the ground below the frost line, heaving posts should not be a problem.

After the Storm

Once a winter storm has passed, it’s a good idea to check your fence for any damage it may have incurred. If a fallen tree limb has knocked a chunk of your fence out, or if the wind has blown away a piece, you’ll want to repair that as soon as possible.

Winter can certainly take a toll on your fence, but if you take special care to use these tips, you may be able to extend the life of your fence for years to come.

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