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wood fence is a handsome and cost-effective addition to any home. However, most woods require regular yearly maintenance to keep them looking bright and beautiful. For example, pine and fir are susceptible to weathering by the elements as well as insect infestations, so steps must be taken to maintain their look. When choosing a type of wooden fence, Paramount Fence opts for cedar fencing for its unique hardiness and properties. Read on to discover just what makes western red cedar so ideal for beautiful, long-term fencing:


Wood is often subject to insect infestations, and therefore, must be maintained regularly to ensure it remains structurally sound. Cedar, however, produces natural aromatic oils called thujaplicins that act as a natural insect repellent. These oils keep the wood insect-free without the need for chemical treatments or yearly maintenance, which can save both money and time when it comes to keeping your yard looking great.


Another consideration when using wood fencing is rot. Dry rot is caused by a species of fungi that causes wood decay as it digests the wood fibers. The thujaplicins that give cedar its insect-repellant properties also act as powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. These compounds not only resist moisture but are toxic to fungi and make cedar resistant to dry rot and warping without the need for the chemical treatments that other woods require. Of the two most commonly used types of cedar, western red cedar is considered the tougher and more rot-resistant of the two. However, both western red and eastern white cedar produce thujaplicins and are excellent choices for any fencing project.

Are you thinking about adding a wood fence to your home? Paramount Fence offers quality western red cedar fencing and installation to the Chicagoland area, including Naperville, Aurora, and more. Visit our website or call us at (630) 239-2714 for more information today.