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A wood fence is a beautiful addition to any home that adds function and value. Many homeowners have questions about wood fencing , especially regarding maintenance and choosing the right type of fence for your home. Read on to see some of these common questions answered, and contact your fencing professional if you have additional questions:

  1. What type of fence should I choose?

Wood fences are available in many different styles. The type of fencing you choose will depend on your esthetic and privacy goals. Traditional split rail fences provide a country style, while solid fences vastly increase the privacy within your yard. The traditional picket fence is an option for those looking to add an element of beauty while maintaining open relations with your neighbors.

  1. What are some of the benefits of a wood fence?

A wood fence is largely unmatched in terms of beauty when compared to other materials. Wood fences add a timeless aspect to many homes, and they are available in a large variety of styles and configurations.

  1. What maintenance will I need to perform?

With the right care, your fence will last for many years and maintain a beautiful appearance. One of the biggest aspects of fence care is ensuring that it is sealed against both pests and moisture.

  1. Can I stain my fence?

Another great benefit to wood fencing is that many types of wood can be stained in a wide variety of shades. You can also paint your wooden fence any color you desire.

5 . Which woods are best for fences?

Cedar is one of the best choices for a wood fence, because it is naturally insect-resistant and has a distinctive and gorgeous appearance

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