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Snowmen and sleigh bells have a tendency to make the landscape more serene during the winter. The landscape is so serene, in fact, that you rarely hear the sounds of construction outside. That is, unless, you need a new wood or vinyl fence . Believe it or not, you can get your fence installed even on the coldest day of the year.

Through the Snow

Expert fence installation companies, like Paramount Fence, know how to work with frozen ground. With their expertise, your new aluminum fence can even be installed when a layer of snow covers the ground. In fact, because snow gives the ground insulation, it can actually help with your cedar fence installation.

Through the Freeze

Fence companies that are familiar with cold weather, especially those in the Chicagoland area, know how to deal with frozen ground. Because they dig at least 36” into the ground, your new fence will be installed beneath the frost line, and the installers are able to work under the frozen ground to give you a beautiful new fence.

Through the Problems

If you notice a problem with the workmanship of your new fence, the company will come back out to look at the problem. The posts might start to heave if the ground remains frozen. If you do notice this, then simply call the company. They will come back out to reset the post, without charging you extra.

Old fences do not wait until spring to stop being functional and you should not have to either. At Paramount Fence , we understand the perils of a Chicago winter and have the tools and knowledge to install your fence all year. For more information on winter installation, visit our website or call 630-239-2714.