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Paramount brown wooden fence

Since ancient times, fences have been a way to designate property lines, farms, and other boundaries that needed delineation. Today, fences are still in use for similar reasons. You may want to have a fence installed to divide your property from your neighbor’s, or just to add aesthetic beauty and privacy to your home. Here is a brief look at the history of fences and what they say about different cultures.

A History of Fences

Since one of the main functions of a fence is to divide properties, cultures that did not practice private ownership often had no use for fences. Nomadic cultures roamed wherever they pleased and did not need to erect fences to signify ownership among their tribes. Many Native American cultures had no fences; if they did, the fences were for purposes of defense and not to demarcate divisions between families and people. Before modern civilization, there was little need for fencing as cultures were based more on a group survival dynamic rather than private ownership. As time went on, however, fences became necessary to not only keep intruders out, but also to keep animals and people in. The idea of property ownership was a major element in the evolution of fences.

The Evolving Use of Fences

The modernization and pioneering spirit that occurred as history went on played a big role in the practical use of fences. As Europeans explored America, they often claimed anything that did not obviously belong to someone else as their own—including land. In order to protect their “new” land from others who might have a similar idea, people began erecting fences as a clear indicator of property lines. Fences were an easy visual to understand, and became much more commonplace as time went on. Settlers used fences to protect themselves and their land as well as their livestock. Now, in modern times, we can trace our uses for a fence back to their origins.

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