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If you are the owner of a large-breed dog and your dog requires a fence , it is important to carefully consider your options. Large-breed dogs are strong, excitable, and capable of jumping over tall objects. Read on to find out which fencing materials are right for large-breed dogs.

Chain Link

One common type of fence that can help to contain a large-breed dog is the chain link fence. This type of fence can be built high enough so that no dog can jump or climb out. However, your dog may try to dig under a chain link fence. Be sure to bury rocks or solid blocks under the fence so that your dog will be unable to escape out of your yard. This type of fence is affordable, simple, and effective.


A wooden fence can serve multiple purposes ; it can improve the appearance of your home while also appropriately containing large-breed dogs. When it comes to wooden fences and large-breed dogs, it is best to go with solid wood or traditional style. These fencing styles will prevent your dog from reaching through or gnawing and scratching at the pickets. If you decide to go with pickets anyway, make sure that they are close together so your dog cannot reach through to the other side.


PVC fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes—some are appropriate for large-breed dogs, and some are not. Styles of PVC fencing that provide privacy will help to contain your large-breed dog by limiting its awareness of what is on the other side. The greater amount of privacy your fence offers, the less distraction your dog faces, and the less enticed it will be to try to break through the boundaries of your fence.

For more information about the appropriate type of fence for a large-breed dog, feel free to contact Paramount Fence . We provide fencing services in the Aurora, Batavia, Elgin, St. Charles, and Geneva areas. For more information about our aluminum, vinyl, cedar, and wood fences, visit our website or call us at 630-239-2714.