Fence installation and repair is a job best left to the professionals. Do-it-yourselfers can certainly tackle some of the easier maintenance tasks, but fence restoration and installation are best left to those with the equipment, manpower, and experience to get the job done correctly. When it comes to choosing a quality fencing contractor, you’ll need to make sure they meet a few criteria to ensure that your finished fence installation will stand the test of time and perform as you expect. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a contractor for your next fencing project.

Worker using Chop Saw

Seek Experience
It is vital that your fencing contractor has a long track record of success in your community. Fence repair and installation requires specialized equipment and experience with property lines, local building code regulations, and more. While this can be daunting for a homeowner attempting DIY work, a professional fence installer with the required experience knows exactly what to do to complete the process quickly and smoothly.

Demand Excellence
The American Fence Association represents the highest standard among fencing contractors in the nation. The AFA provides specialized training to its members, including ongoing education, technical training, and more. A fence installer that is a member of the AFA is at the pinnacle of the industry, and these contractors often have the widest range of experience in terms of installing fences in anything from residential to commercial environments.

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